Entry #14

MORE to come

2015-11-21 05:10:20 by nahtanojmal

Earlier this year I said I'd make a comedy short film after "New Creature 3". I just released "True Power" but that isn't the film I was talking about. "True Power" was just an extra bit I did with a friend. So be on the look out for a short Comedy film before the end of the year, or early 2016. 

MLP has made me realise the potential of limited animation, so i'll be doing a more limited style for a while.

"New Creature 3" took me 200 hours (Full Animation)
"True Power" took me 50 hours (Limited Animation)
And both go for the same amount of time

I haven't made as much music this year, just been learning more. I've put on song up and may put up more...

Anyways, Thanks for reading :)


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